BIATEC LASER TECHNOLOGY introduces the fastest technology for cutting ultra hard materials

BOLOGNA/BRATISLAVA - 05.05.2016: BLT F3’s world premiere set for Lamiera 2016 in Bologna
Currently cuts ultra-hard materials the fastest, is versatile and offers cost savings – these are the main advantages of the latest technology BIATEC LASER TECHNOLOGY s.r.o., a member of BIATEC GROUP a.s, is going to be introducing to the professional publicThe BLT F3 (Fiber 3 Version) is scheduled to have its world premiere at Lamiera 2016, an international exhibition to be held in Bologna, Italy on May 11-14 which traditionally showcases the best metal forming machine tool and to all related technologies.
The BLT F3 applies cutting-edge knowledge gained from researching industrial applications for laser technology and was produced by an international team of developers at BIATEC LASER TECHNOLOGY, working alongside partners from Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic. “In research and subsequent development, we are looking for new solutions that push the boundaries of laser technology and bring industrial customers greater efficiency,” said BIATEC GROUP Chief Executive Officer Bohumil Neštrák.
Chief Research and Development Officer Peter Schmeringa added that the BLT-F3 works 30 times faster than electro-erosive processing commonly used in electrical discharge machines. It is able to cut the hardest materials used in industry, such as polycrystalline diamonds (PCD), cubic boron nitride (CBN) and hard metals, at a speed of 60 millimeters per minute (at 1.6 millimeters wide). The BLT-F3 flexibly utilizes cutting capacities and is an invaluable tool, for example, in impulse custom manufacturing. It also cuts both conductive and nonconductive materials and easily navigates even through coarse-grained crystals greater than 40 micrometers in size, which electrical discharge machines cannot do. 
Despite higher power parameters, it operates economically and not just due to low energy consumption. “The device runs on the basis of a pulse laser and is cooled with air,” explained Schmeringa, “and this cuts costs such as for material that would have been consumed by electrical discharge machining, while there are less concerns about preparing technical water. In contrast, the useful life of laser equipment has been calculated as 10 years for 24 hours’ daily operation.
Moreover, the technology has advantages over conventional laser solutions, such as requiring little space. The entire BLT-F3’s stopping area is four times smaller than a solid-state laser with a pulse lamp.
About the Company:
BIATEC LASER TECHNOLOGY is a research and development company headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia and formed on the foundations of Central Europe’s industrial tradition. In addition to developing laser micro-cutting applications and producing exact submillimeter shapes and laser inscriptions, it also focuses on new solutions for the woodworking industry and healthcare sector. It is part of the BIATEC GROUP family holding, with many years of experience in creating major industrial units and setting up production processes. This helps the company better know what its customers in industry need, including their economic assessment of investments into new technology.
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