About Us

Biatec Group

New dimension of industry traditions

Biatec Group is a family-based holding company active in diverse fi elds of the timber processing industry, energy, development of new laser technology and chemical industry.

Our values​:

  • It’s our long-distance run
    We have long-term visions. Plants in our company portfolio are assigned development plans for 5 up to 10 years.
  • We are building on experience
    Our company is founded on strong industry traditions in the region of Central Europe and we are pushing these traditions forward to a new quality level.
  • We are setting new standards​
    Plants in our company portfolio set new standards of employment policy, work environment and safety. An increase in EBITDA is the fulfilment of our mission to build trust and balance between shareholders, management and employees.
  • We are launching innovations​
    We are supporting the growth of plants in our company portfolio by integration of the latest available technology and through our internal research and development.
  • We are seeking excellence​
    When selecting our projects, the main criterion is their exceptional nature and potential to find their own market place.