Further expansion of BIATEC LASER TECHNOLOGY chaired by Anton Jura

Obrázok ku správe: Further expansion of BIATEC LASER TECHNOLOGY chaired by Anton Jura
Former top manager at US Steel bringing his corporate management experience in global markets to Biatec
The managerial helm of BIATEC LASER TECHNOLOGY s.r.o., member of BIATEC GROUP a.s., has been taken over by Anton Jura, who among other positions formerly managed European market development strategy at American giant US Steel and held top posts there in the United States and Canada.
BIATEC LASER TECHNOLOGY is a rapidly growing company offering new possibilities for the utilization of lasers in industry. Anton Jura’s recent appointment as managing director aims to expand the company’s footprint even more and put its solutions at an international level. “The opportunity to become involved in this project and to move it forward, so to say, to the next level is going to be a great challenge,” said Mr. Jura. “With my previous strategic planning experience and the company’s research and development potential inspiring responses both locally and worldwide, I gladly decided to accept this challenge.”
The Company had been managed directly by BIATEC GROUP Chief Executive Officer Bohumil Neštrák. However, development projects in the group’s other pillars necessitated a new corporate arrangement and an autonomous manager at the top of BIATEC LASER TECHNOLOGY. “We had long been holding discussions with Mr. Jura about this project and practically from the start we were convinced of his ability to provide the strategy that would enable us to reach our vision.” Added BIATEC GROUP Chairman Slavomír Hatina. “We believe his contribution will allow us to build the kind of company we would be delighted to  see.”  
Anton Jura’s career has primarily been associated with the history of the Slovak Republic’s largest company, the VSŽ Košice steel plant which today forms a part of U.S. Steel.
Mr. Jura began his career at VSŽ Keramika, gradually rising through the ranks in several management positions. In 1996 he joined the Board of Directors at VSŽ as the Vice President for Strategy before being named the Managing Director of VSŽ in 1998. In November 2000, when U.S. Steel acquired the VSŽ steel plant and the company was renamed U.S. Steel Košice, he was appointed as its  Director of and the Vice President of Human Resources. Between 2003 and 2006 he was the Executive Vice President for Strategy.
For a further three years he held the position of General Manager for Processed Products at U.S. Steel’s corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Starting in 2009 he worked as the Managing Director of U.S. Steel’s Canadian operations and was chosen to be the President of U.S. Steel Canada two years later. After seven years spent overseas, Mr. Jura returned to Slovakia to take up the position of General Manager for Strategy and Business Development – Europe at U.S. Steel Košice.
During his time in Canada he represented the interests of Canadian steel plants in negotiations with the provincial and federal governments as the Vice President of the Canadian Steel Producers Association. In Slovakia, Mr. Jura has also served as the President of the Association of Metallurgy, Mining and Geology and the President of the National Union of Employers.